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What is a Guide?
A Guide is the NumisMaster reference to a set of pricing records. For decades, Krause Publications has been building and refining the industry's premier database of coin and paper money information. Previously, the physical size of a printed book limited both the amount of information we could give you in one product and the number of different ways we could package that information. That's all changed. NumisMaster lets us offer you Coin & Paper Money Price Guides based on what you collect, not on what a printing press can handle. Today you can purchase Guides by time period, geography and type; many more options will be available soon, one to fit any collecting preference.

How much does NumisMaster cost?
Everyone's collection is unique. So are your pricing and collection-management needs. NumisMaster is designed to serve both the casual collector and the dedicated professional, and we have service points to match.

FREE Sample Guide
The NumisMaster team believes that the best way to learn about our service is to actually "get behind the wheel". That is why we have put together our FREE NumisMaster Sample Guide. It's loaded with pricing information on over 50 coins and allows you to use the "My Coins" collection management feature. These coins were selected from a cross-section of our Guides to show you the depth and power of NumisMaster. Best part -- this is not a trial offer. Your NumisMaster Sample Guide stays in your registered account for life! Also -- the pricing on the coins in the Sample Guide will change dynamically with the market. Sign up now!

Monthly Service
For our monthly fee, you can use a NumisMaster Guide for 30 days. This option gives you full access to your chosen set of pricing information, expert articles, show calendar and dynamic "My Collection" features. This is a good option if you want to get a deeper view of all the site has to offer. Select a Guide now!

Annual Service
You save by choosing an annual service. This gives you full access to the NumisMaster suite of services -- at a great savings! Select a Guide now!

I signed up for a Guide, how soon can I access it?
Once you make your payment, we'll send an email to you with an activation link. Click the link, and you're ready to go!

Do you accept PayPal?
Currently we accept VISA, MasterCard, and American Express, and we'll be adding PayPal in the very near future.

What is your return policy?
Returns on all Annual Price Guide purchases are based on the monthly rate. Cancellation is based upon time of return and is prorated in monthly units. Refunds are not available for the monthly service. Please Contact Us with your request.

How do I know I'm selecting the correct Guide to match my collection?
Good question. It's important that you get the best fit for your needs. Because we have provided flexible Guide choices (by century, geography and specialty areas), some coin and paper money records may be represented in more than one Guide. On the Price Guide Ordering Page, you'll find a short description and an expanded description to explain the contents of each choice. Review the choices, and select the Guide that's right for you!

Do prices/values really change that much?
Yes, and NumisMaster leverages advanced technology to bring real-time pricing information to the numismatic marketplace. Coins that are sensitive to the fluctuations of the precious metals market will see the most movement; however, every item in the entire system is open to being regularly adjusted by NumisMaster experts.

Who can see the information I save in "My Coins"?
We take the privacy of your collection information very seriously -- learn more about NumisMaster security.

I forgot my password, what do I do?
From the login page screen, click the "Forgot Password" link and follow the instructions to retrieve a lost username or password.

Can I have more than one Guide at a time in my account?
You sure can. Remember, the real-time pricing is powered by the Guides. So the most dynamic way to manage your collection may be to select a group of Guides to add to your account. (Plus, you can save! Buy an annual Price Guide, then for 24 hours you can save 15% on any additional annual Guide purchase!)

Do NumisMaster Guides include Paper Money, too?
Yes. We also have a Paper Money Price Guide.


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