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Liberty in Jeopardy as Dollars Siezed
November 19, 2007

Liberty Dollar Headquarters Raided

After months, if not years, of breathing down Bernie von NotHaus' back, the federal government has finally taken the plunge and raided the NORFED - Liberty Dollar facilities in Evansville, Indiana. Agents seized approximately two tons of copper, silver and gold coins. They also took business records and computers and they froze the company's bank accounts. Bernie said they left FBI and Secret Service cards according the a New York Sun article by Joseph Goldstein.

Now we wait. Will the government act? Or will they just tie up NORFED's business for months, if not years, while they build a case they most likely will never win? Bernie has been up front with his dealings. He let's people know exactly what NORFED is trying to do with their currency. NORFED was not hiding out in the heartland, they were open with their business and it got them raided.

Some of the coins confiscated had the likeness of politician Ron Paul on them. Paul's organization says they had nothing to do with NORFED. Ok, probably true, but since when is it a crime to depict a public figure on a piece of silver? This a coin struck to honor Ron Paul's political viewpoint. At most it is an endorsement, meaning that Liberty Dollar likes Ron Paul. And why would the U.S. government care? If Ron Paul had a problem with it he would contact Liberty Dollar - NORFED and let them know, or maybe sue them if he wanted it stopped. That's how we all settle personal legal matters in the United States.

Liberty Mint coins do not claim to be U.S. currency. They do not directly imitate U.S. coins in an attempt to defraud. Most of them are not even denominated like U.S. circulating coins. They do employ symbolic images of freedom...perhaps because they thought this was a free country.

Now we will all see just how free our country has become. We'll see if Bernie gets a speedy trial, or if the Federal Government drags their feet while holding on to all the NORFED company assets. We'll see if they intend on filing charges, or just intimidating Liberty Dollar and NORFED out of existence.

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Recent Comments
On November 24, 2007 jalafuente said
Do you ever question why the Feds are ?picking? on NORFED, and leaving all of the other local currencies alone?  The problem is that what they are doing is illegal.  They have violated 18 USC 486, by trying to and by placing them into general circulation as Currency.  18 USC 486 ?Whoever, except as authorized by law, makes or utters (legal term for place into circulation) or passes, or attempts to utter or pass, any coins of gold or silver or other metal, or alloys of metals, intended for use as current money, whether in the resemblance of coins of the United States or of foreign countries, or of original design, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.?  If you look at the literature or have attended any of there seminars, they tell people to simply ?drop? the coin into some one?s hand and see if they will accept it.  If fact they tell you to give it with US currency when paying. This is pretty much a clear violation of 486, and yes you can contract with anyone and tender payment as you want, but this must be done prior to any performance of the contract.
18 USC 489 is violated by their actions at two of the Clauses the first reads ?Whoever, within the United States, makes? or possesses with intent to sell, give away, or in any other manner uses the same, except under authority of the Secretary of the Treasury other proper officer of the United States,? shall be fined under this title?. So it is plain to see that they are violating this part and the second clause that completes the violation ?any token, disk, or device in the likeness or similitude as to design, color, or the inscription thereon of any of the coins of the United States? issued as money, either under the authority of the United States??489 language does not make a distinguish between current coins or past. They look, don?t you think, a lot like a Morgan or Peace Dollar? Using a single common image does not violate, but the use of liberty, the $, the motto Trust in God, the torch, and the denomination dolla

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