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Collectors on Edge
July 15, 2009

Edge lettering continues to confuse. The "In God We Trust" controversy was defused this year when the national motto was moved to the obverse of the Presidential dollars after two years of it being on the edge.

That hasn't stopped e-mails claiming the Godless dollars should be boycotted. I have received two of those in my inbox in the last month or so. They are virtually identical to the ones I received in 2007 right down to the image of the George Washington dollar.

I guess the Internet makes these things virtually eternal. By sending these e-mails you can stir people up who have never seen a Presidential dollar.

Average collectors though apparently know what is going on because these e-mails did not originate from readers wondering what is going on as was partly the case two years ago.

I had an e-mail yesterday from an average collector. He had just received the 2009 clad proof set that he had ordered.

He inquired, "Should the Sacagawea and her infant son dollar have a mintmark, mine doesn't?"

I answered right away that the "S" mintmark is on the edge.

The funny thing is that he didn't even mention the lack of obverse date because it too is on the edge, or the entirely new reverse design for the now renamed Native American dollar.

The e-mailer also mentioned that he didn't remember reading anything about the new coin. I guess that means I still have a job to do to continue to try to get the word out on.

It is also a good reminder that all collectors should look at all of their coins closely. I am as guilty as the next guy in receiving collector sets and putting them in a safe deposit box without looking too closely at them when I am in a hurry. That isn't smart, but doing the smart thing isn't always the highest thing on my "to do" list.

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Recent Comments
On August 23, 2009 Sean said
Hello, I had recently put my email on the mailing list. I am a casual collector. Recently, I came across some rolls of the new Native American 2009
with the Philidelphia Mint mark. These natives have the new "three sister method of planting corn" design on the reverse. The edge lettering has "E PLURBIS UNUM ten stars, 2009 P three stars". The interesting thing about these natives is that along the edge, there is heavy clash imprinting. I am looking for more information about this characteristic. The several natives have inverse imprinted stars randomly along the edge. There is inverse lettering sublimely imprinted also. Some letters are from the edges clashing, and some are from the obverse. The extra stars awarded to these natives have certainly made them collectable. Are there any other reports of natives being minted with more then thriteen stars ?

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