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Good Ideas Catch On in Berlin
February 03, 2012

Good ideas catch on and are copied by others. Coins designed by children are apparently a good idea because it is spreading to other world mints.

I attended a portion of the Media Forum today at the World Money Fair in Berlin. I was called away before it reached its conclusion, but fortunately Tom Michael of the Standard Catalog staff was present so that what I missed will not be missed by Krause Publications.

However, in the time I was present, I learned that the British have struck a 50-pence coin designed by a child. This was followed a short time later by a couple of new Austrian coins also designed by children.

Collectors have wondered for years how to involve the coming generations in coinage. Helping to design them is one way of doing this.

While coins designed by children might help us secure the future of numismatics, the present is very much concerned with coins made of precious metals. New offerings of these get everybody’s special attention.

The People’s Republic of China expects to produce gold coins that will use 1.4 million troy ounces of the yellow metal this year. The silver coins are expected to consume 11 million ounces.

Those are very large numbers and are sure to have an impact on world demand for precious metals.

It is the 30th anniversary of th Chinese Panda and more new designs will mark this milestone.

Canada is introducing its new one-ounce Moose silver bullion coin. It is the fourth design in the popular Wildlife Bullion Series.

I know I am just scratching the surface. There is so much to take in in Berlin. However, one thing is certain. The world mints are watching each other and copying what works, much to the benefit of coin collectors and a likely great strain on their budgets.


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Recent Comments
On February 5, 2012 shelly said
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On April 20, 2012 ChineseCarl said
Hollywood Chops
A year ago the media covered the Mike Tyson Tattoo versus the Ed Helms Hangover 2 parody tattoo and the court battle was on. Yes, the distinguishing facial tattoo was one that had the signature look. Now a coin has surfaced that has many of the facial chop marks cues that some experts would argue are the famous tattoo's dead ringer! Will this 1914 Fat Man Dollar open the controversy once more? Does the fat man facial chop have a distinctive look of a Mike Tyson by S. Victor Whitmill. Will Hangover 3 producers court the coin's anonymous owner behind the scenes and turn this coin into a blockbuster movie necklace medallion? Could there be a bidding war in the future for this unique Hollywood Chop at Heritage Collectables? The answers to the above questions springs to life the slow lane world of coin chop marks. The obscure world where the numismatist specially will catch the paparazzi cross-eyed.
by Chinese Carl (Photo Link)
On April 30, 2012 ChineseCarl said
Update:v1914 Chinese Fat Man Makes the Silver Screen
Hangover 3 unvailing a 1914 Chinese Coin for a Chop Mark Medallion True

Hollywood Chops: The photo of the 1914 Fat Man Coin Medallion now appears on the Facebook page of Hangover 1 and 2's star, Ed Helms. A comment was recently posted by Xslappper Rapper who has insider knowlege of the developing story by Chinese Carl. Xslapper Rapper is the coin's accredited photographer. It is unclear at this point who is the owner of record. Todd Phillips, director and Craig Mazin writer of Hangover 3 have not commented on the Fat Man Medallion rumor. Informative sources say with shooting beginning in September a set birdie might sing the story. Yes, it looks like it's finally a Hollywood moment for the numismatist.

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