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Back at My desk, Oh My
August 04, 2008

The American Numismatic Association convention in Baltimore is over. I am back at my desk for the first time in over a week. I haven't figured out just how far behind I am yet, though my telephone message light is flashing red and reads that there are eight messages for me.

It was a great convention. It was not the best one ever, but it was good on several levels that we have not enjoyed for a while.

Dealers were happy to be in a town known as a good place to do business. ANA members were pleased to see the problems of prior years being put behind them, so the political environment was relaxed rather than poisoned.

One contentious issue, the location of the 2011 summer convention, was dealt with promptly. At the Professional Numismatists meeting one week ago today, the members let ANA board members and officials know that they thought Indianapolis, the site selected in March, was not a good place to be for business and travel security reasons. Their objections were given forcefully, but often with good humor.

ANA Gov. Cliff Mishler responded to the gathered PNG members as did ANA President Barry Stuppler. The result was action was taken at the Friday ANA board meeting to reverse the previous board decision. Chicago now will be the 2011 convention location.

One longtime dealer present at both meetings said this was the best ANA board he has seen in his professional career.

Whether it is or isn't the best board ever is less the point than the fact that business is getting done again without rancor and everyone can get on with convention activities that they all look forward to.

Kudos to the Central States board for its generous donation to support this year's Summer Seminar, which was held for two weeks in late June to early July.

An outright donation of $50,000 was great. The challenge donation was inspired. Dealers and collectors quickly rose to meet it and came up with more than the needed $25,000, so CSNS matched $25,000. That means ANA collected over $100,000. It is necessary for an organization that is still running a large deficit.

Kudos also to Larry Shepherd, the new ANA executive director. His public report was forthright and factual. Employee count is down from 36 to 29.5 due to retirements and natural attrition. Employee morale is up. This year's deficit has been cut by one-third so far to just over $900,000. It is a large number to be sure, but it demonstrates a certain momentum that we all can hope will be sustained.

That's enough for today.

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Recent Comments
On August 7, 2008 Mike Zapolski said
Hello Mr. Harper,

Not finding a email link for you, I thought I'd ask my mint stats question here.

I've read that the 2008 annual unc. dollar set will soon be released.  When it begins production will the mint stats production numbers for this set reflect counts that are separate from the coin types it contains, or in addition to the stats reported elsewhere on your weekly Numismaster Mint Stats articles?

For example, as of Aug 3rd, the production of unc. 2008-W SAEs was 345,351.  Assume the 2008 annual unc. dollar set production was also listed as 10,000.  Would the actual number of unc. 2008-W SAEs be 345,351 or 355,351?

Thank you for your help,

Mike Z.

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David C. Harper has been a coin collector since 1963. He joined the Krause Publications editorial staff in 1978 and is currently editor of Numismatic News and World Coin News. He also edits two books annually, North American Coins & Prices and Coin Digest. He is the author of the Class of '63 column that runs each week in Numismatic News. His first bylined numismatic article appeared in the June 1971 issue of Coins Magazine and his various Krause Publications assignments included a stint as editor of the magazine 1980-1983. Harper received a bachelor of science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh in 1977. He had a double major of journalism and economics.

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